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Wot, no

I have changed hosts and the new guys have a newer version of Perl (which this site is written in) that doesn't include the ancient CGI module by default (which again the site uses) so nothing is working.

I could do workarounds but at this stage and because there's not too many script pages on the site, I'm going to rewrite it in PHP (which is what I have been using for the past 10 years)

So the site is going to be down for another few days but hopefully not too long...

2018-11-16 Update

Another page done. The one that displays the first image from each category, e.g. the first inlay or tape etc. Only one page to go I believe now!

2018-11-05 Update

Working is going well! Front page and AJAX (no fancy jQuery when I originally wrote this stuff) searching now complete.

2018-10-15 Update

Three years, really? Kind of embarrassing at this stage. Planning to continue with it and I actually did a bit of work on it tonight, so let's hope it continues!

2016-01-02 Update

Oh dear, it has been a while. I'd really better get going on it again, since it's now the subject of a blog posting by Schmorp!!

2015-10-27 Update

Opps, it has been a while. Started converting the main page into PHP. I wish I knew $_COOKIE was included with $_REQUEST. Would have saved much debugging time!!

2015-09-16 Update

I have recreated the database on the new host and the simple framework for PHP conversion, which is things like DB connections etc.